New Patients

Welcome to the AMA Medical Group Family!

We are pleased that you have entrusted us with your healthcare needs. We hope that you find a new home with us. Thank you for choosing us.

At AMA Medical Group, our practice philosophy is based on treating each patient as an individual and not a number. We believe in a personalized approach for the prevention and/or management of diseases and try for early detection and intervention when possible. We strive to provide outstanding medical care by using our God-given skills paired with up-to-date medical knowledge, the latest technology, and an excellent network of specialists.

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Routinely scheduled appointments will help us to better identify and manage any chronic health problems you may have. Therefore, there are a few things that we request you keep in mind to assist us in providing you outstanding medical service:

  • We request that you arrive 30 minutes early for your first appointment.
  • Please bring all your medications, including any over the counter medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements in their original containers.
  • If possible, bring medical records and laboratory results that you may have.
  • Please bring your current insurance card and a photo ID.

*** Keep in mind that new patient appointments are usually 40 minutes with the doctor. During this visit, our doctor will perform a detailed medical history and physical examination and may order further tests that may be necessary. Please allocate enough time for this appointment.

New Patient Kit

Our New Patient Kit Includes:

  • Our Services
  • Patient Forms
  • HIPAA Privacy Practices

A Lifetime of Care

AMA Medical Group is a physician-owned medical practice dedicated to patients and their loved ones. As an advocate for a lifetime of good health, our practice treats each patient as an individual.

Quality Care
for Every Patient

Quality Care for Every Patient

As a world-leading innovator in comprehensive primary care and preventative medicine, we dedicate ourselves to personalized and compassionate service for every patient.