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AMA Medical Group
AMA Medical Group is a professional medical corporation that grew out of the internal medicine practice of Dr. Cruz Faña-Souchet. After relocating from New York, Dr. Faña-Souchet has been working in private practice in the Tampa Bay area since 2006.  It has been the dream of Dr. Faña-Souchet to pursue her goal of opening her own private practice.

After many years of planning, she decided to open her practice in Dunedin, Florida. The name AMA serves both as an acronym and a word in Spanish. Each of the letters in the word AMA is the initial of the first name of each of the founder’s children. When the three letters are combined, the word AMA is formed and it means LOVE in Spanish. This has significant meaning because AMA represents the founder’s two greatest loves, the love of family and medicine.

AMA Medical Group is committed to consistently deliver high quality health care that is supported, not only on its founders’ experience and medical knowledge, but also on Christian beliefs and respect for the patient as an individual.

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Our Mission

AMA Medical Group provides a lifetime of caring with excellence using our God-given talents to all those we serve.

Our Vision

AMA Medical Group is the world leading innovator and patient advocate in providing excellent personalized and compassionate healthcare.

Our Values

AMA Medical Group was formed to meet the healthcare needs of our community through a commitment of compassion and excellence in all that we do and supporting our core values of:


H– Honesty: Commit to quality care and transparencyE– Empathy: Spirit of understanding and openness

A– Attitude: Contribute with a spirit of Gratitude

R– Respect: Understand the unique needs of our community

T– Timeliness: Providing accessible, comprehensive quality care in a prompt manner