About Us

A Lifetime of Caring

At AMA Medical Group, our mission is to provide a lifetime of caring with excellence using our God-given talents to all those we serve. We are committed to consistently delivering high-quality health care that is supported–not only by our world-leading providers’ medical knowledge–but also on Christian beliefs and respect for the patient as an individual.

Cruz Faña-Souchet, M.D. founded the internal medicine practice that would later become AMA Medical Group after relocating to Tampa Bay from New York in 2006. The name AMA serves both as an acronym and a word in Spanish. Each of the letters in the word AMA is the initial of the first name of each of Dr. Faña’s children. When the three letters are combined, the word AMA is formed and it means “love” in Spanish.

Our Vision

AMA Medical Group is a world-leading innovator in healthcare and patient advocate. We provide excellent, personalized care for our patients and dedicated support for their caregivers.

At our practice, our patients’ needs are met first. To those who care for these patients outside of our practice, we know that caring for a loved one who requires consistent medical attention is a labor of love. Our vision is to be the champion of patients in later stages of life and those they rely on daily.

Always Accessible and Available

We respond to phone calls from our patients and their caretakers 24 hours a day, seven days a week with quick turnaround. Do not hesitate to reach out when you are in need.

Our Values


Commit to quality care and transparency


Spirit of understanding and openness

A– Attitude:

Contribute with a spirit of gratitude


Understand the unique needs of our community


Providing accessible, comprehensive quality care in a prompt manner

Our Mission

We strive to provide a lifetime of caring with excellence using our God-given talents to all those we serve.

Our Vision

Our practice is a world leading innovator and patient advocate in providing excellent personalized and compassionate healthcare.

A Lifetime of Care

AMA Medical Group is a physician-owned medical practice dedicated to patients and their loved ones. As an advocate for a lifetime of good health, our practice treats each patient as an individual.

Quality Care
for Every Patient

Quality Care for Every Patient

As a world-leading innovator in comprehensive primary care and preventative medicine, we dedicate ourselves to personalized and compassionate service for every patient.